Frequently Asked Questions

Qns: What is the minimum age and driving experience required to rent?

Ans: The driver must be at least 22 years old and holding a valid class 3/3A Singapore Driving License.

Qns: Am I able to rent if I’m a P-Plate holder and above the age of 22 years old?

Ans: Yes, as long as you are at least 22 years old. We will still rent to P-Plate, however, there will be a S$1,000 refundable deposit required and also the Non-Waiver Excess will be at S$15,000 should there be any accident which involve insurance claim. No Malaysia usage is allowed as our insurance company only cover Singapore usage for P-Plate hirers. If you are Self-Employed, Student, House-Wife, Unemployed, Taxi Driver, NSF there will be additional S$300 - S$500 refundable deposit required on top of the S$1,000 deposit for P-Plate as part of our company policy.

Qns: Am I able to rent if my driving experience is more than 1 year but less than 2 years?

Ans: Yes, as long as you are at least the age of 22 years old. However, no Malaysia usage is allowed as our insurance company only cover Singapore usage for customer with driving experience shorter than 2 years, the Non-Waiver Excess will be S$5,000 should there be any accident which involve insurance claim. This will be adjusted to S$4,000 once you reach 2 years of driving experience. A S$300 - S$500 refundable deposit will still be required should you fall under the category of Self-Employed, Student, House-Wife, Unemployed, Taxi Driver, NSF

Qns: Is deposit required for renting a vehicle?

Ans: If the hirer can prove their employment status through CPF with the latest 3 month contribution, there will not be any deposit required. However, for Self-Employed, Un-Employed, Freelancer, Part-Time, Retiree, Taxi Driver, Student and Housewife, there will be a refundable deposit required ranging from S$300 - S$500.   

Qns: Can the car be driven to Malaysia, are there any additional charges?

Ans: Yes, ,most of our vehicles can be driven to Malaysia except for certain models, there will be additional S$20 per date (eg. entering from 08/08/2015 10AM and exiting on 08/08/2015 before 11.59PM will be considered as 1 day Malaysia, however if exiting on 09/08/2015 12.10AM will be considered as 2 days Malaysia).

Qns: What should I do if the car breaks down?

Ans: You may contact our 24 hour helpline immediately (*PLEASE BOMB OUR HOTLINE SHOULD THE BREAKDOWN FALLS IN THE MIDNIGHT, AS WE MIGHT BE SLEEPING*) so that we are able to assist you depending on the situation, a replacement vehicle will be provided subjected to availability. However, if the breakdown is due to punctured tires, loss of key, forgetting to off the headlights and draining the battery flat, or empty petrol tank, there will be a S$50 surcharges in addition to the cost of replacing/repairing the parts (eg. Battery, Replacement key, Petrol and Changing spare tires).  

Qns: Free Delivery & Collection Service?

Ans: Yes, we do provide free delivery & collection service to certain places within Jurong only for exisiting customers.
This free service is applicable only from Tuesday to Thursday, we will not provide delivery/collection service on Monday and Friday due to peak period. If you require delivery or collection to locations beyond Jurong, a surcharge of S$30 - S$60 per trip will be applicable depending on the location given.

Qns: What is the minimum petrol grade or any specific petrol station should I pump at?

Ans: The minimum requirement for petrol grade is 95 and above, with no restrictions on the petrol station, you may pump at any petrol station you prefer.

Qns: Can i rent the vehicle for UBER or GRAB?

Ans: Yes, we do provide rental service for customers to do Uber/Grab.

Qns: What is the mode of payment available?

Ans: We accept Cash or Bank Transfer only